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Article: Apnée X Gunther: The eco-urban swim shorts

</br></br> Apnée X Gunther : le short de bain éco-urbain

Apnée X Gunther: The eco-urban swim shorts

Since its creation, Apnée has liked to meet brands that share our values.

This year, we are happy to collaborate with Gunther Paris, a young Parisian fashion brand, made in France from beautiful eco-responsible materials.

Its creator Naomi Gunther is an assertive and sunny personality. It was when she left her fashion school that she caused a sensation. After presenting her graduation collection focused on the mix between urban fashion and tailoring, she caught the eye of several American and French rappers, which propelled her career.

Its motto “ Dress the modern, chic and relaxed man, with comfortable cuts, responsible materials and a creative bias.

Can you tell us about your background?

After the baccalaureate and 1 year of preparation, I joined the school "Parsons school", a fashion school which allowed me to do 1 year in Paris then 3 years in New York and I obtained my diploma. in 2018.
Coming back to Paris, I already knew that I wanted to launch my brand.
It was when rapper Offset chose to wear pieces from my end-of-year collection in 2019 that everything accelerated. By wearing my pieces, he allowed me to highlight the brand “before me” and attract other celebrities.

What are your sources of inspiration?

I would say a little about music (urban rap during my New York years), but above all travel in the broad sense. Physical journeys: New York, Tokyo... and time journeys: the 90's, but also the 20's, 30's.

How would you define your brand?

GUNTHER offers a wardrobe at the crossroads of worlds - a hybrid aesthetic that brings together pieces inspired by streetwear and reinvented traditional classics.
A timeless wardrobe that combines the contemporaneity of urban culture and classic sartorial inspiration.

Do you feel specifically concerned by eco-responsibility as a designer brand?

Yes of course.
The choice of materials, for example: these are end of rolls from major fashion houses, recycled or upcycled materials.
Everything is made in France, in Paris in our own workshops, where we are committed to promoting the "handmade" (embroidery, specific seams, tailor-made).
We also use eco-responsible, reusable and biodegradable packaging.
That being said, eco-responsibility should not become a marketing argument, all brands should have a responsible bias, and there are plenty of ways to do it.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​collaborating with Apnée?

It was a friend who worked with Laetitia in the past who introduced us to Apnée and we found ourselves on eco-responsible values. I loved the choice of fabrics, patterns, and especially the storytelling.
We had never developed accessories at Gunther. Hence the idea of ​​working on a swimsuit. As we didn't have the skills to do so, we wanted a well-established brand that we liked to collaborate with.
Apnée and Gunther are two brands for the modern, relaxed, cool man, and we wanted to mix our universes.

How did you come up with this print?

We developed an exclusive pattern design for the collab, mixing the codes of Apnée and Gunther. It started with a monogram print: the “N” and the “T” of the Gunther logo that we associated with the “A” of Apnée. We have opted for a biased colour, a nod to our Country Club Collection.

How do you imagine your brand in 10 years?

I would like to open shops, in order to have a place where people can come to see, touch, try.
We also want to continue to develop internationally, through resellers and partnerships with artists and celebrities.
Beyond clothes, I would like to develop a little more “lifestyle” side: accessories, beauty, home decoration etc...

What is your greatest pride?

Family support. To have managed to create such a close circle.
Even though my parents don't work in fashion at all, their advice is invaluable, it's very important to have different points of view.
My pride is my family!

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