The (committed) assessment of the year 2021

The year 2022 started only 15 days ago and it's already the rush but we still take the time to give you a summary of the very special year that has just ended.


Linen shirt beachwear
We wanted to offer you pieces to complete your looks. You've been asking for it for a long time. So we set off.
Our goal was to offer you beautiful basics that are well cut, comfortable and above all that last over time. It's out of the question to sell a T-shirt that will deform after 3 washes.
We have also closely studied the choice and origin of the materials: linen in priority for its environmental virtues and organic cotton certified Oeko-Tex.
You liked the products and it made us happy 😄


Because basically, does it make sense to make eco-responsible clothes if they are sent in packaging that comes from China? Definitely not.
So we tackled the subject of packaging, and by pulling the thread we wondered about the labels of the clothes and then we said to ourselves that the little waterproof bags that you adore so much, they had to be more respectful of the environment. environment too. In short, we thought we were going to go crazy but we are proud of ourselves.
recycled label
From now on, your packages are shipped in recycled and recyclable cardboard packaging, made in Italy, the gift boxes are assembled by hand in Paris, we have reduced the use of paper in the packages and all the stationery is recycled and made in France, the totebags are made of organic cotton from the Vosges, the clothing labels are recycled and come from France.

We still have subjects to deal with because the small waterproof bags that come with your swimsuits always come from China. We have tried everything without success to find a source of supply in France. We even considered not doing them anymore but we thought you were going to blame us.
Good news though: they are now 100% recycled, Oeko-Tex certified and shipped by boat.
Well, we haven't been idle...


Being an ethical fashion brand is above all doing things because it speaks to you and it corresponds to your values. It's not meant to be marketing to sell.
Since the genesis of Apnée, the duty of transparency vis-à-vis our community has driven us. This is why we decided to be referenced on Clear Fashion, an independent site that evaluates brands according to 4 themes:

Human, Health Toxicity, Environment and Animals.
There are still things to improve, but with a score of 73/100 on the environmental criterion, we have nothing to be ashamed of compared to other brands.

Umai the road to the ocean

Being an actor of change is good, trying to move the lines is important too. We do it our way in a discourse that always remains positive because awareness comes better with a smile.

This year, we joined the UMAI project, a pretty brand of
natural and committed cosmetics, to help them finance their documentary Midland Sea, which highlights positive initiatives to protect the Mediterranean Sea and its biodiversity. A beautiful meeting and beautiful memories.

In 2022, we want to be even more active and involve you more. We will tell you about it when the time comes 😉


We don't want to bother you with numbers, but it's good to have a few orders of magnitude in mind:
- We buy 5 times more clothes than 20 years ago.
- Clothes that we do not wear: 85% spend more time in our wardrobes than worn.
- Clothes that we throw away… very quickly: Half of the clothes are thrown away after 1 year.
To sum up, it's 500,000 tons of clothes that end up in the garbage every year.
The idea of ​​throwing away revolts us more and more.

So what do we do at Apnée?
recycled jersey
Produce in a reasoned way

We took 4 years to launch our Beachwear range because we wanted to be sure it made sense. We are committed to creating timeless clothes that will not go out of style after a season, to choosing short circuits (100% of our production is in Portugal), not to overproduce even if these last 2 years have been a little rock & roll to manage, it must be admitted...

Consuming in an eco-responsible way

Now it's your turn to play! On our side, we offer you clothes that respect the environment and an irreproachable quality to last in time, and resist to use and washings. We also offer you the 3-year guarantee by replacing clothes that may have defects (it happens) and do not meet our quality criteria under normal conditions of use, of course.

Recycle better

You have probably seen the new episode of the documentary "Sur le front" by Hugo Clément, broadcast in December on France 5. It focuses on the fate of the hundreds of thousands of tons of clothing entrusted each year by the French to NGOs and that end up polluting the beaches of Africa.

At Apnée, we have decided to join forces with Give Back , a young French start-up that rewards your clothing donations by giving you low prices at their partner brands.

You sort, deposit your clothes in one of the 40,000 collection points in France, your clothes are collected and revalued at 99.7% in France (58% resold second-hand, 34% recycled and 8% destroyed to produce energy) and you collect points to spend with partner brands.

3 year warranty
Bob upcycled by La Draft
This bucket hat was a swimsuit: "the real value of a garment is the story behind each piece..."
At Apnée, we like the idea that nothing is lost, everything is transformed. This is how the project was born to give a second life to our defective swimsuits by transforming them into bobs thanks to La Draft, a collective of 3 boys who want to change the relationship with Fashion.
Made in a small workshop in Paris, each bob is a unique piece, worked by hand.
We used stock from old jerseys and the ends of rolls of fabric to stiffen the bob and make it reversible.

We are now considering how to fully integrate upcycling into our business model. Well no, we're not going to stop there 😅


eco-responsible parka
Great novelty for Apnée this year, the launch of our first Autumn Winter collection around a key piece: the parka 100% recycled from plastic waste collected in the Mediterranean Sea.

It took us more than a year to develop this parka that we wanted to be efficient, elegant and, of course, respectful of the environment.
No detail has been left to chance: 2 closure systems for optimal insulation against rain and wind, 1 large, very protective hood, 3 pockets including a large inside pocket, branded tightening tabs at the cuffs. Many of you have already adopted it !

Also to discover, the leisure wear pieces and hoodies in organic cotton, ultra-comfortable while remaining elegant to spend the winter warm.
Organic cotton hoodie
It remains for us to thank you for being by our side, committed, and to wish you a very happy new year 2022, less Covid and more eco-responsible.