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Article: Apnée wish list

Jack: le véritable pull marin éco responsable

Apnée wish list

Need a gift idea for Christmas?
Timeless , original and environmentally friendly , Apnée is pleased to present its Pull Jack , the revisited sailor sweater that will delight your loved ones for Christmas.
Perfectly aligned with a sustainable and eco-responsible fashion approach, it will very quickly become a must-have in your wardrobe.

A little history of the sailor sweater

The sailor sweater appeared in the 18th century. Inspired by the uniforms of Breton sailors and fishermen, wishing to differentiate themselves from others. Designed in tight mesh, it provided protection from wind and cold. Its one-piece seam made it more comfortable and easy to put on.
saint james sailor sweater
In the 70s, the sailor sweater became a real fashion piece thanks to different stylists who appropriated it and propelled it to the forefront, making it an essential and timeless wardrobe staple.

The Jack Sweater

At Apnée, our aspirations for the marine world motivated us to offer you our version of this iconic sweater.
Initially only planned in blue, a prototype produced by the factory in green pushed us to offer it in these two colors, as green was so original, bright and classy.
Apnea details? The neoprene pocket, which allows you to store your phone, your wallet, or just to add a new style, was designed in an eco-responsible way using scraps from diving suits.
It will match perfectly with our trouser bottoms, whether the blue cotton jersey trousers for a more wintery period, or our linen trousers for more spring or autumn seasons.
We named it the Pull Jack, in homage to the French freediver Jacques Mayol.

Merino wool sailor sweater

The plus of the sweater

Merino wool , 6 times more durable than cotton, temperature-regulating and non-itchy.
And all you have to do is place your package under the tree, Apnée offers you a beautiful gift box.

If you are not sure of your choice and you want to please without risk, the gift card is there to save you, usable at any time and for the amount of your choice.

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