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The brand

No matter the destination, summer is a journey. Promises in the luggage and desires for essentials. In search of the horizon, of oblivion, of the thrill, nothing is enough.

Apnée was born from an obsession: the desire to offer an infallible basic with ideal proportions, at a fair price.

Nine months of research, three trips to Portugal, life stories and a lot of heart at work: that's what we needed to see our project succeed and achieve the evidence of the perfect fit.

Contrary to the annual collections, Apnée follows the rhythm of travel and presents its products in the form of stopovers. Fluid waves, intoxication of the depths, crystalline geometry and unfathomable reflections: the prints echo the great blues, mirror of the ocean.

In search of the horizon, nothing is enough. Hold your breath and dive into the essentials.