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escale à cassis maillots de bain homme été soleil mer


We take you to Cassis

We invite you to discover Cassis, this intimate fishing port, nestled between the purple cliffs of Cap Canaille and the emerald waters of the Mediterranean Calanques. A true sapphire in a green setting, Cassis seduces with the picturesque charm of its streets and the captivating scent of its Provençal cuisine. Surrounded by umbrella pines, Cassis reveals itself without detours, offering an authentic and natural experience.

Unforgettable Moments in Cassis

Extend your evening on Bestouan Beach, with dawn breaking, and dive into the translucent waters of Anse du Corton. Let yourself be lulled by the foam of the waves on the terrace of the Grand Large, devour a detective novel on the still warm sand of the Plage Bleue, or feast on the culinary delights of La Presqu'île, with your gaze caught by the sea .

A Chromatic Adventure

Get lost on the Route des Crêtes, warmed by the last rays of the sun, and let yourself be enchanted by the thousand and one shades of blue that stretch to the horizon. Dive to discover the maritime abysses of the wild Calanques of En-Vau, Port-Pin and Port-Miou, where the water is said to change from azure to aquamarine in an instant.

Cassidian Life: Between Tradition and Sweetness of Living

Observe the people walking under the shade of the plane trees of Place Baragnon, refresh yourself with a fig sorbet at Casalini, stroll through the narrow streets to the Lion Georges bakery, succumb to the unmissable Bouillabaisse at Nino, at menu since 1962, or let yourself be intoxicated by the cozy atmosphere of the Bar de la Marine after dark.
<Br></br></br>STOP IN CASSIS

Apnée Swimwear: Eco-responsible Elegance in Cassis

In this dream setting, Apnée Swimwear fits perfectly with its collection of high-quality, eco-responsible clothing for summer. Imagine yourself sporting a men's swimsuit from Apnée, designed to combine style and sustainability, or lounging on the beaches of Cassis in a stylish and eco-friendly collection of women's swimwear. And to complete your outfit, Apnée beachwear offers comfort and fashion to fully enjoy the Mediterranean summer.

Highlight Your Style with Apnée

Each piece in the Apnée collection is an invitation to promote a conscious and chic lifestyle. By choosing Apnée, you are opting for quality products, designed with care and responsibility. Make your summer an unforgettable moment with Apnée, and let yourself be seduced by the lasting beauty of their creations.

Blackcurrant and Apnée, a Perfect Harmony

Cassis, with its breathtaking landscapes and warm atmosphere, is the ideal place to represent the spirit of Apnée Swimwear. The brand embodies this harmony between nature, quality and the Mediterranean lifestyle. By wearing Apnée, you take with you a piece of Cassis, a timeless style and an ecological conscience that makes all the difference.

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collaboration editions MR maillot de bain homme


Apnée x Éditions MR The result of a collaboration with the Parisian ready-to-wear brand with its unique colors and materials, the Bambou model is in the image of Apnée and Editions MR: a fitted c...

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