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Article: Eco-responsible swimsuit: the sustainable choice for summer

Maillot de bain écoresponsable

Eco-responsible swimsuit: the sustainable choice for summer

Summer is just around the corner and with it comes the time to choose the perfect swimwear for your summer adventures. But beyond style and comfort, why not opt ​​for an option that respects our planet?
At Apnée, we are proud to offer eco-responsible swimsuits that combine elegance, durability and respect for the environment.
Since our creation in 2017, our ambition has always been to manufacture quality pieces that last over time. Today we're going to tell you why our swimwear, made from recycled materials and with eco-friendly processes, is the ideal choice for a sustainable summer.

Apnée's ecological commitment

From the beginning, our brand has been committed to producing high-quality swimwear while minimizing our environmental impact. Lovers of the oceans, passionate about diving and fervent admirers of the Big Blue, it made no sense to produce pieces that do not respect our seabed.
This is how we chose to use certified recycled polyester fiber to manufacture our eco-responsible swimwear for men.
How did we achieve this?

Use of SEAQUAL recycled polyester

Our swim shorts are made from recycled polyester fibers from SEAQUAL, a Spanish organization dedicated to the collection and sorting of marine plastic waste, collected in the Mediterranean.
By transforming this waste into raw material, we contribute to the reduction of marine pollution and the creation of superior quality products. SEAQUAL is committed to cleaning up our oceans while providing a valuable resource for the textile industry, transforming waste into sustainable polyester yarn. It is this polyester fiber that we use to weave the fabric of our men's swimwear .

Local and eco-responsible production

All our swimsuits, our beachwear pieces and also our new women's collection are made in Portugal.
By choosing local (European) production, we reduce our carbon footprint and support local economies.
In addition, we ensure that our workshops meet strict standards in terms of working conditions and sustainability. Working with Portuguese workshops allows us to guarantee the quality of each part and maintain strict control over production conditions. Thus, each production is oeko-tex certified (a demanding label...)

Why choose eco-responsible swimwear?

By opting for an eco-responsible swimsuit, you are doing much more than just making a fashion purchase. You actively participate in preserving the environment and support sustainable production practices.

Reduction of plastic pollution

The oceans are invaded by millions of tonnes of plastic waste every year. By choosing eco-responsible swimsuits made from recycled materials, you contribute to the reduction of plastic waste in our oceans. Each SEAQUAL recycled polyester swimsuit is one step closer to cleaner oceans.

Durability and quality

The recycled materials used in our products are not only environmentally friendly, but also robust and durable, ensuring a long life for your swimwear.
Our swimsuits are designed to withstand the wear and tear of time, repeated swimming and exposure to the sun, while maintaining their shape and shine.
Blue swim shorts

Ethical fashion

Supporting eco-responsible brands means encouraging a more ethical fashion industry that respects workers and the planet. Our manufacturing processes take environmental impact into account at every stage, from material selection to final production. By choosing Apnée, you are making a conscious choice for sustainable fashion with our ethical swimsuits.

Our eco-responsible collections

We have developed a range of eco-friendly swimwear for men and women that reflect our commitment to the environment. Our designs are inspired by nature and current trends, offering timeless and elegant pieces.
Each collection is designed to offer optimal comfort and unparalleled style, while being respectful of our planet.
Choosing eco-responsible swimwear is a significant gesture for the future of our planet.

At Apnée, we are determined to offer products that combine style, comfort and environmental responsibility.
This summer, choose eco-responsibility with our locally made recycled swimsuits for men. Together, let's adopt a more sustainable lifestyle that respects our environment.
Discover our collection today and join the movement for a greener and more responsible summer.

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