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Article: Christmas 2023: Discover our selection of Eco-Responsible gifts

Noël 2023: Découvrez notre sélection de cadeaux Éco-Responsables

Christmas 2023: Discover our selection of Eco-Responsible gifts

Christmas is fast approaching and with it the headache of presents…
How to be original this year? More eco-responsible ? Have fun on a limited budget? How can we make sense of this ultimately very commercial celebration? What is the true value of a gift? Its price or the attention we put into it?

We are not going to depress you with dramatic statistics on the ecological impact of the end-of-year holidays, nor are we going to rekindle the Christmas tree debate, rest assured. The idea is rather to get into the warm and festive end-of-year atmosphere , and to give inspiration to those who are not manual workers and who wish to offer a more eco-responsible gift this year to their loved ones.

Offer an eco-responsible gift

By choosing gifts that preserve nature and encourage sustainable lifestyles , we can all help make the holidays more responsible and sustainable for future generations. Supporting ethical and sustainable brands is a meaningful way to choose gifts.

The art of the game by Apnée

This project was born from the meeting of two Mediterranean people with strong temperaments who share a love of beautiful things and the stories hidden behind them.

Handmade in a workshop in Marseille , from noble bio-sourced materials, of French origin, these beach rackets are high-end objects of art, but no less efficient for sports practice. The little extra for maximum refinement: combine the snowshoes with the 100% Zellige printed swim shorts.

Beach rackets made in France
Beach rackets - 155€
Red Zellige swim shorts Zellige swim shorts - 125€

Travel through the senses without breaking the bank

Maison Maison Paris is a line of eco-responsible candles designed in Paris and handmade in the Grasse region .
It’s the signature of a place where you feel good. A place of sharing, of indulgence, of pleasure. A place where inspiration comes.
Like the Apnée pieces, everything is detail, from the container with its sober and refined line, the cotton wicks, the choice of a delicious and natural wax. Then, the oils which make up the base of the perfumes, also selected without compromise. Elegance is essential. Each candle is an invitation to travel in itself.

Our favorites: Patchouli Ibiza and Amber Madagascar
Homemade Candle Homemade Scented candle 220g - 55€

A 100% recycled Apnea backpack

Made in Portugal and 100% recycled from marine plastic waste , its design is refined without sacrificing practicality: waterproofness, large capacity and multiple pockets. It is the ideal accessory to accompany you everywhere. 1 backpack allows you to recycle 20 recycled plastic bottles.
100% recycled backpack
Backpack - 120€

Offer a personalized gift

Did you know that you can personalize your gifts at Apnée? We offer you the possibility of embroidering the message of your choice on swim shorts and cotton jersey pieces . Give free rein to your imagination to touch the heart of the lucky person and offer a unique gift .
To personalize a product, it's easy: just check the "Personalization" box when you choose your product, then choose the message and the color of the thread. Delivery is guaranteed before Christmas for all orders placed before December 11 at noon.

 Pretty gift boxes made from recycled cardboard in a French workshop are also available.
Personalization service - 20€
Gift boxes made in France
Gift box - 5€

Offer what cannot be bought

The real luxury is to take your time

Let's start this article with a first gift idea that isn't one you can order on the internet: time. We already spend the year chasing the clock, so at Christmas, just turning off your phone and being 100% present is a lot. Go get firewood, open oysters, or spend the morning preparing cookies with a loved one... In short, we take advantage of Christmas to surround and be surrounded.

Adopt a coral

Adopt a coral and act for marine biodiversity . What better way to raise awareness among your loved ones? What more rewarding gift than concretely participating in the restoration of endangered marine ecosystems ?
Coral Guardian , one of the two associations that we support, invites you to adopt a coral. To do this, nothing could be simpler, choose the geographical area, personalize your certificate with the name of the person to whom you wish to offer it and receive a newsletter twice a year with news concerning the area where your adopted coral is located. .
An ecological and original gift that restores color to the ocean . Better than plastic toys, right?

Adopt a coral in Indonesia - €30 (i.e. €10.20 after tax deduction)
Adopt a coral in Spain - €45 (i.e. €15.30 after tax deduction).

Offer an experience to live

Giving an experience is the greatest gift!
Treat yourself with entertaining, pampering, gourmet, cultural or relaxing activities and check the boxes on
the “list of things to do before you die” for the person you love.

A getaway to Portugal at Six Senses Douro

The Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas hotel group, with which we have been collaborating since 2018, is a benchmark in responsible luxury hospitality , committing in all of its establishments to establishing a sustainable development policy.

One of their most beautiful hotels is located in Portugal in the Douro Valley, a few hours from where the Apnée manufacturing workshops are located. Vine-covered hills with a backdrop of the majestic Douro River, a beautifully renovated 19th-century mansion with stunning gardens , woods and grand panoramas .

The city of Porto, as well as charming heritage villages and other popular destinations in Portugal, are nearby. There is no bad time to visit the Douro Valley, as it always offers something that should pique your interest. The holidays and the seasons are accompanied by wood fires and sunny moments.

Hotel Six Senses Douro Portugal

A holistic treatment with Anne-Sophie

Holistic therapy is a medicine that takes into account the patient as a whole, that is to say both the body and the mind .

Anne-Sophie left everything behind, after 20 years in fashion as a communications director, to find meaning and harmony in her life. She turned to well-being , a personal quest which later revealed itself as a vocation.

She practices three types of care:

- naturopathy to rebalance vitality,

- facial massages to relax the features,

- and madero therapy , a massage technique using wooden tools aimed at draining and sculpting the silhouette.

To book, just send him a DM on his Instagram account: @asm_holistic
Holistic care


Giving is an art for some, a whole story for others.
At Apnée, we believe in gifts that have meaning , in objects that have a story . We believe in ethical and sustainable fashion , and our dearest wish is that it is the same for Christmas, there are a multitude of options to please our loved ones while reducing our ecological footprint .

PS: for all those who have not read our article in time and last minute fans 🙂, Apnée also offers gift cards.

Discover our Christmas Selection!

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