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Article: Stay chic when it rains

Restez chic quand il pleut

Stay chic when it rains

Sailing with Elegance and Consciousness: The 100% Recycled Apnea Parka

When the raindrops start dancing on the city's cobblestones, it's essential to equip yourself with clothing that not only protects you from the elements, but also resonates with your values ​​and style. This is the moment when a particular item of clothing takes on its full importance: the parka. At Apnée Swimwear, we have revisited this timeless classic to create a piece that not only keeps you dry but does so with conscience and elegance : our 100% recycled parka.

A Journey Through the History of the Parka

men's windproof waterproof parka recycled breathable

The parka, although it has become a staple of our contemporary wardrobe, has humbly pragmatic origins. Its name, derived from the Inuit word "kamleika", was carried by early polar navigators and explorers, providing vital protection against the unforgiving elements of the Arctic. The military, notably the US Air Force during the Korean War, also adopted the parka for its robustness and functionality in hostile environments. However, it was in the 1960s that the parka made the leap from battlefields and polar expeditions to the fashion streets, becoming a symbol of casual, carefree style.

The Apnea Commitment: More than a Clothing, a Movement

The Apnée parka is not just a piece of clothing; it is the tangible reflection of our commitment to more conscious and sustainable fashion. Made in Portugal from Seaqual polyester fabric, each parka is the result of 25 plastic bottles recovered from the Mediterranean Sea, transformed into a garment that not only protects you but also protects our planet. It's a style statement that goes beyond aesthetics, also speaking of a commitment to our environment and our oceans.

Sailing with Consciousness: Fashion that Protects the Oceans

When you put on our parka, you're doing more than just protecting yourself from the elements. You are making an active choice to support fashion that respects and preserves our oceans . Every purchase is a contribution to a larger movement towards a future where fashion and function not only co-exist, but also harmonious with our natural environment.

The 100% Recycled Apnea Parka: An Eco-Designed Protective Case

100% recycled lightweight breathable apnea parka on sale

Waterproof, windproof and elegant , our parka is your ideal companion for all your adventures, whether urban or in the great outdoors. It is an invitation to explore, live and embrace every moment, while rest assured that you are making a conscious and ethical choice . It is a celebration of exploration and discovery, while remaining true to the values ​​of sustainability and environmental awareness.

Designed in France, Made in Portugal

The Apnée parka is the result of French design, where every detail is designed with care and precision to combine elegance and functionality. Made in Portugal, it is the result of recognized European know-how, where each stage of production is carried out with meticulous attention to detail and devotion to quality.

OEKO-TEX Certification: A Guarantee of Quality and Safety

Our parka is OEKO-TEX certified, ensuring that every fiber has been tested for harmful substances, providing optimal safety for your skin and the environment. It's a guarantee that your garment is free of harmful chemicals and produced ethically and responsibly.

SEAQUAL™ Polyester Fabric: Responsible Elegance

The parka's premium waterproof polyester fabric and interior mesh are 100% recycled using SEAQUAL™ fiber , transforming marine waste into a luxurious, sustainable fabric . This ultra-resistant, low-crease and quick-drying fabric not only ensures exceptional longevity for your parka but also a positive impact on our oceans.

Alliance of Style and Performance: The Parka that Defies the Elements

  • Stylishly Water-Repellent: Imagine walking through pouring rain, the drops sliding elegantly down your parka, leaving you perfectly dry. Thanks to SEAQUAL™ polyester fabric , not only 100% recycled but also coated with a polyurethane coating, the Apnée parka makes this vision a reality, offering you serenity even in the most persistent downpours.
  • A Shield Against the Wind: Feel the breeze without being disturbed by its freshness. The zipper, cleverly hidden under a snap flap, combined with a high collar and an attached adjustable hood, wraps you in a protective embrace against the most daring gusts.
  • Breathe with Apnea: The mesh lining, made from 100% recycled SEAQUAL™ polyester, offers your skin space to breathe, ensuring optimal comfort and freshness even when moving.
  • Limitless Lightness: Designed to be your carefree companion, the unlined parka protects you without weighing down your trip, allowing you to move freely through every adventure.
  • Practicality at the Heart of Design: Your essentials, always within reach. With two large exterior pockets and a spacious interior pocket, every item finds its place, allowing you to navigate your day with ease and organization.
  • Tailor-made comfort: The elastic cuffs, adjustable with a Velcro tab, adapt to you, ensuring not only a perfect fit but also additional protection against the vagaries of the elements.

Apnée's 100% recycled parka is more than a garment: it's a style statement, a commitment to sustainability, and a choice for a cleaner future. By choosing Apnée, you are choosing eco-responsible fashion that celebrates and protects our planet, without compromising on style or quality.


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