Meeting with Andreas Giesen

On the occasion of the launch of our new Spring/Summer 2022 collection , we collaborated with Andreas Giesen , professional ballet dancer, to embody the brand during our shoot. It was in Cap Corse, surrounded by lush vegetation and a crystal clear, choppy sea, that Andreas wore our new Parasole swimsuit in style.

Where does your passion for dance come from?

I must confess that I have always been and still am on the move. It's what makes me alive. Chance (and my mother) wanted it to be the dance, but it could have been anything else at first.

Photo credit: Julien Benhamou

What is your relationship to the body? 

I consider my body above all as a work tool, a piece of clay that I can sculpt and shape as I please according to the deadlines and the objectives that I set for myself. It's exciting to work with and for your body.

Photo credit: Julien Benhamou

Can you share a dance memory that marked you?

My very first moment on stage as a professional dancer. Warsaw, September 2012 for Sleeping Beauty. If I concentrate, I can still relive this moment and feel all the sensations… It was magical, a dream that came to life.

What do you like about modeling?

It's a very special universe, but what I like are the experiences I've had, the trips and the encounters I've had. It is very enriching. It's also a way like any other to force me to stay in top shape aesthetically speaking.

How do you choose your clothes?

I really tend to favor colors in which I feel good cream, camel, terracotta summer colors. And also, I choose comfort, I am permanently molded in tights so the rest of the time I prefer to be comfortable.
Andreas mattone shirt

Your favorite moment during the shoot?

My favorite moment will remain the Clean Walk on one of the beaches. It was a completely improvised thing and we all ended up cleaning the beach and we did, in fact, what Apnée does every day.
Three words to describe Apnea!


What is your favorite Apnée product?

I can't wait to wear it after a day at the beach!

A small easy gesture for the planet?

There are so many... But one that really doesn't require any particular effort, it's simply sorting out your emails.