Apnea X Coral Guardian

Building on our commitment to the oceans, we are committed to supporting projects that defend the same causes as us: protecting the seabed, reducing plastic and preserving ecosystems, especially the oceans.
After numerous exchanges with Coral Guardian , we fell in love with the association and decided to support them.
coral protection indonesia
Co-founded in 2012 by Martin Colognoli, Coral Guardian works for the conservation of coral ecosystems in Indonesia and the Mediterranean, involving local populations through the restoration, preservation and enhancement of corals degraded by humans.
Right from the start, the “ adopt a coral ” program emerged in Indonesia, which made it possible to take part in the fight by planting a coral through a donation.
Today, in response to the controversial day of Black Friday, it is in the Mediterranean that this program is launched, in order to make this day more "Blue".
The association also implements “participatory conservation” projects, directly involving local populations. In Indonesia, 30 local jobs were created and in the Mediterranean, 576 kg of waste was recovered. In all, it's nearly 40,000 corals transplanted by Coral Guardian and its teams.
coral transplantation local populations Indonesia
In order to support them in their actions, we will soon be offering each customer the option of making a donation of the amount of their choice when paying for their order.