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Article: Apnée x Lucas Beaufort

Lucas beaufort artiste performance Etretat peinture maillot de bain inédit

Apnée x Lucas Beaufort

Apnée selects its collaborations with committed artists

Since its creation, Apnée has enjoyed meeting committed artists to offer unique creations. These artists share our love of the oceans and our eco-responsible commitment . We give them free reign to give us their vision of the underwater world.

Meeting with Lucas Beaufort

This year, we are happy to collaborate with Lucas Beaufort , an unclassifiable artist, open to the world and humans. Born in Cannes, passionate about skateboarding, Lucas started drawing late at 26 and never let go of his pencil.
For Apnée, he was inspired by his latest work: "Under the Sea" and created a pop and graphic print. The Apnée x Lucas swim shorts are 100% recycled and available in a limited edition .

Unique artistic performance in Etretat

To mark the release of our collaboration, we joined Lucas in Etretat for a live performance at the top of the cliffs. Breathtaking is the word to describe this moment, a true moment of communion between nature and man . It was also an opportunity to tell the story of Apnée and to discuss marine plastic pollution with the many walkers. We were pleasantly surprised by their knowledge and sensitivity on the subject!

Lucas Beaufort

Exclusive interview with Lucas Beaufort

What was your first contact with the sea?

I was born in Cannes, I spent my entire childhood on the shores of the Mediterranean. I spent my days soaking and making sandcastles.

Lucas Beaufort
 What place does the ocean play in your life?

My art has allowed me to travel and therefore to taste all the oceans. I have a preference for the Pacific Ocean because I often go to California.

Can you tell us about your beginnings as an artist?

I started painting late, without a specific goal, just the desire to clear my head. Everything happened very quickly and I found myself traveling all over the world to paint.

Where does this fascination for these little characters come from?

Gus Gus is a character that has always been dormant inside me. It took shape following my trip to Cairo in 2018. This trip was a revelation because it gave birth to my half-man, half-bird character, inspired by hieroglyphs.

lucas beaufort
What is the feeling that animates you when you paint?
I literally transform myself, it’s visceral.
What does a typical day look like for you?
All my days are different from each other, that's the life of an artist.
Do you have an easy gesture for the planet to offer us?
I pick up everything I see on the ground, it's stronger than me, I can't pretend. I often say: “if you see it, it’s as if it were yours”
Lucas Beaufort
What are your plans for the planet?
I have plans for gatherings. I'm launching the Art Camp this summer which will bring together artists from all walks of life. We will share strong moments under the sign of creativity. My dream for the planet is precisely to bring together artists from all over the world and raise awareness around these small everyday gestures .

Lucas Beaufort


Discover the creation of Lucas Beaufort in limited edition

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