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Umaï X Freediving: The Ocean Road

Umaï Savon Shampoing Maillot de bain kaki recyclé

Umaï X Freediving: The Ocean Road

Created in 2019, Umaï is a brand of natural, committed cosmetics, made in France from local ingredients, and as pleasant to use as they are respectful of the environment.

After the success of the first edition of La Route de l'Océan last summer on the Atlantic coast, Umaï is heading for the Mediterranean this year.
The brand invited us to join them for this second edition and we are happy to participate in this project by offering beautiful embroidered jerseys which will be sold for the benefit of the production of a documentary to raise awareness of the protection of the Ocean.
Umaï X Freediving

Why did you decide to create an eco-responsible cosmetics brand?

Umaï was born from a common desire: to create care that respects the environment while being pleasant to use. Angéline, Célia, Emeric and Sara, the 4 co-founders of the brand are passionate about nature and wide open spaces. Seeing them deteriorating little by little, they decided to combine their expertise in cosmetics with their values ​​and their commitments to create quality care, good for the planet that we will enjoy using, again and again.

What constraints does this entail?

To independently develop natural, unique and innovative formulas, we needed to establish our own research laboratory. By conducting our own research, we have the power to judge each decision ourselves, to carefully select each active ingredient, each plant, each material, each supplier, according to our very strict specifications.
Sometimes we succeed the first time, sometimes the tests are linked and we do not manage to find the perfect formula for us... But we never give up.
Can you tell us about the La Route de l'Océan project?

The La Route de l'Océan movement is an expedition created in 2020 by Umaï with the aim of informing and raising awareness among all of us about the preservation of the Ocean.
Last year, we criss-crossed the Atlantic coast from Biarritz to Deauville to raise awareness about the preservation of the ocean and the fight against plastic and micro-plastic waste. For this we have been supported by La Fondation de La Mer, SurfRider Europe, more than twenty-five partner shops on the Route and have been followed by many local and national media. We had also created a questionnaire that allowed us to calculate our plastic footprint on the ocean. The results of this questionnaire were clear: we still have a long way to go!
This year, La Route de l'Océan is heading for the Mediterranean Sea. Our goal is to protect the Mediterranean Basin & its ecosystem.

How did this project get started ?

As a company, we believe we need to do more and that our mission goes beyond creating engaging products. From the start, our goal has been to make an impact. This is why, to move the lines, we have decided to raise our voice by carrying out major committed projects aimed at protecting our beautiful planet such as “The Art of Living without Plastic” or “The Ocean Road 2020 ”. And as we like to say, we all impact. The more of us there are to be aware and informed about the situation of our oceans, the more of us will be able to take action to preserve them.

How will this expedition unfold?

This year, we want to go even further in our approach. To have the best possible impact, we have decided to travel along the Mediterranean coast from Barcelona in Spain to Genoa in Italy from July 13 to 23, 2021. We will crisscross the Mediterranean coast to meet actors leading positive initiatives for the Mediterranean Sea and come to meet you.
What is the purpose of this expedition?

Our goal is to protect the Mediterranean Basin & its ecosystem. For this, our Ocean Route will revolve around 4 key pillars:

  • Meet those who fight on the ground to protect the Mediterranean ecosystem

  • Raising awareness and informing the general public about the ecological challenges of the Mediterranean and its ecosystem

  • Raise funds to produce a documentary highlighting committed and positive initiatives for the Mediterranean Sea and its biodiversity

  • Engage as many people as possible with us through an Open Letter to the Mediterranean Sea.

    What will the special Ocean Road box be used for?
To help us fund this upcoming documentary, we have developed a La Route de l'Océan capsule collection. You will find in limited edition the capsules imagined with Mood Paris and Apnée, two committed brands offering swimsuits in 100% recycled fibers and delicately embroidered "La Route de l'Océan" to always remember what we care about. .

Can you tell us more about this documentary?

At the end of this expedition, we are committed to producing a committed documentary highlighting positive initiatives aimed at protecting the Mediterranean basin and its unique biodiversity. The documentary will be positive and hopeful to show as many people as possible that each of us has the power to act on our own scale and can have a positive impact.

Why did you choose Apnée to support you on this project?

Apnée is an eco-responsible swimwear brand for men with prints inspired by the seabed. They share the same vision and the same values ​​as us. Eco-designed from plastic waste collected in the Mediterranean Sea and on the beaches, this jersey is made of 100% recycled fiber which really made sense to us.

Is it possible to join you during the expedition?

With great pleasure ! At each stage we organize different events: conferences, talks, waste collection, awareness activities... All the stages of our itinerary are accessible on the Umaï website .

Do you have a small, easy gesture for the planet to recommend to our readers?

At Umaï, we consider that there are no “small” gestures. Every single gesture, if made by millions of people, can change the world and send a strong message.

What are your plans for the future ? Do you have a dream for the planet?

We want to engage even more and reach as many people as possible with our message. It is important that people see ecology and commitment as something pleasant, something that makes you happy. At Umaï we have a lot of hope and we are surrounded by people who make us want to continue as we do, sowing little seeds everywhere. We are convinced that we can move the lines by showing the way.
It's very easy to criticize, much more complicated to act.

A dream for the planet? We believe that we must learn, once again, to take the time: this is what we call “The Art of Life-Size Living”. And it's also what drives us to reinvent ourselves every day...

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