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Article: How does an eco-responsible brand like Apnée approach sales?

Comment une marque éco-responsable comme Apnée aborde les soldes ?

How does an eco-responsible brand like Apnée approach sales?

The sales, a temptation for many people, a period of indulgence where six out of ten French people give in to pleasure. In this whirlwind of consumption, 65% wait for these moments, which occur twice a year, to make larger purchases.

For Apnée, as an eco-responsible brand, our commitment to sustainable and recycled parts is reflected in our prices. Designed in France and made in Portugal, our clothes embody quality at a fair price. Our love of the oceans and our ecological awareness are expressed through a powerful concept: “Turning waste into a resource”.
So how does Apnée manage to stay true to its vision of responsible consumption while navigating the waves of promotions during sales?

The different ways to reconcile eco-responsibility and sales

Sales and eco-responsibility are two concepts that may seem contradictory at first glance, as sales are generally associated with an increase in impulse purchases and increased consumption, while eco-responsibility aims to encourage sustainable and respectful consumption choices of the environment. However, there are ways to reconcile these two aspects.

Thoughtful purchases:

During sales, it's important to make thoughtful purchases rather than succumbing to the impulse to buy just because a product is on sale. Before making a purchase, ask yourself questions about whether you really need the product, its durability, and whether you really need it.

Search for eco-responsible brands:

Favor brands that have eco-responsible practices. Look for companies committed to reducing their environmental impact, using sustainable materials, and adopting ethical production practices.

Second-hand purchases:

Opt for second-hand items during sales. Second-hand stores, thrift stores, and specialized online platforms often offer attractive discounts, thereby helping to reduce demand for the production of new goods.

Promoting sustainability:

Encourage retailers to adopt more sustainable practices by expressing your preference for eco-responsible products and requesting information on the origin of the products.

Education and awareness:

Learn about the issues surrounding fast fashion and overconsumption, and share this information with others. Increased awareness can contribute to more informed consumer choices.

Energy and resource savings:

When shopping, consider products that require less energy to manufacture, are recyclable or compostable, and ship with minimal packaging.

How is Apnea positioned?

Eco-responsibility & balance

Apnée is committed to offering quality products at fair prices at all times, a choice of which we are proud and which reflects our values. Our belief in a more virtuous, responsible and undeniably attractive fashion guides each of our actions.
It all starts with the careful selection of our raw materials, opting for quality materials to guarantee the durability of our products. At the same time, we take great care to choose environmentally friendly materials wherever possible.
However, in order to promote the eco-responsible values ​​to which we adhere, it is essential to increase our visibility, present our products and count on your support to propel our brand. This is why we have decided to offer you discounts of up to -50% on a wide selection of products, lowering the price barrier and allowing you to explore the quality and durability of the pieces we strive to provide. design with passion.

Our selection of sale products
Jack sailor sweater

Discover the Apnée Sailor Jack Sweater, timeless and eco-responsible. Made with merino wool, six times more durable than cotton, this sweater revisits classic nautical style. Equipped with an eco-responsible neoprene pocket, designed from scraps of diving suits, the Pull Jack combines originality and durability.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

“The happy owner is very satisfied, nice outfit, warm, comfortable”
-Marie Odile-

In homage to the freediver Jacques Mayol, this sweater also offers a thermoregulatory and non-irritating experience.

Available in blue and green, the Jack Sweater goes perfectly with various bottoms of pants for all seasons: the 100% linen pants for a comfortable and light summer, as well as the cotton jersey pants for cooler temperatures.

The bi-material jacket

Explore the Bi-material Jacket by Apnée, the mid-season essential. A fusion of eco-responsible materials, recycled polyester and organic cotton, its close-fitting design skilfully combines sportiness and elegance. Wear it open over a casual T-shirt, or closed with the collar turned up, and pair it with our cotton jersey leisurewear pants. Made in Portugal in a workshop renowned for its craftsmanship, this jacket embodies sustainable commitment and contemporary style.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

“Top materials and beautiful cut for a timeless piece enhanced by pretty embroidery on the arm”
-Laurent David-

A wide selection of 100% recycled swim shorts

Our swimsuits, made from 100% recycled materials, are renowned for their colorful prints inspired by the oceans. Each swimsuit embodies our environmental commitment, equivalent to reusing 10 plastic bottles. Opt for pieces that resist time while preserving our planet. Offering a discount on certain swimsuits may seem contradictory to our values, but we believe in the accessibility of our centerpiece. By offering an exceptional 50% reduction, we want to encourage everyone to adopt our commitment to 100% recycled jerseys.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

“Everyone I have given a swimsuit to is very satisfied with it: quality, shape and patterns”
-Laurence Aoustin-
For Apnée, approaching sales is much more than a simple price reduction. It is an opportunity to share our eco-responsible values ​​with a wider audience.
By offering discounts on our flagship pieces, such as the Sailor Jack Sweater, the Bi-material Jacket, and our wide selection of recycled swim shorts, we make our commitment accessible to everyone.
We believe in the balance between promoting sustainability and accessibility to quality products. These sales represent a unique opportunity to merge our ethical vision with your lifestyle, while encouraging more conscious consumption choices.

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