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Article: Linen



A natural vegetable fiber, linen is an ecological material renowned in the textile industry that does not need pesticides or a lot of water to grow. Its roots retain CO2, and it is estimated that growing flax in Europe retains 250,000 tonnes of CO2 each year.
flax field

It is around mid-June that you can recognize the flax fields, covered with blue flowers.
The stalks are then harvested in July and left on the ground for a few weeks for "rusting" which makes it easier to extract the flax fibres.

Today, nearly 80% of the world's flax production comes from Western Europe: France, Belgium, the Netherlands...

Label Masters of Linen
Our linen bears the Masters of Linen label, a label which guarantees that a linen product has been 100% made in Europe, from the cultivation to the transformation of the material, including the making of the garment.
Each step of the production and transformation process is traceable and subject to strict standards.
This label also guarantees quality linen, the use of natural fibers, the absence of dangerous products, respect for working conditions and production that respects the environment.

We have therefore selected a top-of-the-range linen that grows and is woven in Belgium, the second largest linen producer with France.

Khaki linen shirt

Why did we choose linen?

For the development of ourmen's beachwear line , we immediately thought of linen, a noble and eco-responsible material.
Committing to ethical and sustainable fashion also means questioning the choice of materials, their quality and their origin. Our linen is grown and woven in Belgium and meets the Masters of Linen quality label.

We wanted to bring a touch of modernity to the choice of colors for men's linen shirts , and revisited the cut of linen pants in a chic and casual style.
Our favorite piece is undoubtedly the zipped hooded jacket , with a twist in a linen version, which you won't find anywhere else and won't leave this summer.

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