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Article: Road Trip in Cap Corse

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Road Trip in Cap Corse

There is Corsica and then there is Cape Town. The island within the island.

Far from the hustle and bustle of the southern beaches, Cap Corse is a paradise for the traveler in search of nature and authenticity.
A true jewel with tortuous coasts, nibbled by the raging waves, a wild and preserved paradise, we love its century-old villages perched in the mountains, its American houses which overlook the sea, its small fishing ports of character, its steep cliffs which plunge in the Mediterranean, its vineyards, its slopes where citron, myrtle and orange trees flourish, and its Genoese towers which dot the territory (there are 32 in Cape Town alone).

This year, we are taking you on a road trip to Cap Corse to discover our

New Spring Summer 2022 collection

We leave Bastia towards the North, from the first minutes, looking into the deep blue, the wonder is total. After 10 kilometers, Erbalunga, the port village with superb 19th century villas, is bordered by translucent water which makes the old stones of the imposing Genoese tower, listed as a historic monument, sparkle. After a stroll through the streets, we stop for lunch in the village square and its century-old palm trees.

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Convent of Pozzo
This former residence of Capuchin monks is an authentic 15th century building. In the middle of the mountains and the Corsican scrub, this idyllic place belongs to Emmanuelle Picon, a happy heiress who has managed to preserve her monastic soul while infusing it with just the right touch of comfort. The garden opens onto a cobalt swimming pool facing the Tyrrhenian Sea and its islands stretching into the distance. The view is breathtaking.

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As if suspended in time, we live there to the sound of bells and birdsong. Meals are organized around large tables, lit by candles in the evening, and which allow you to (re)discover the local cuisine: stuffed zucchini flowers, Bastiaise-style anchovies, fiadone… We stayed there for the entire duration of the shoot. and we must admit that it was difficult to leave.

Morsiglia Pass
On the road which runs along the coast towards Macinaggio, we stop to bathe on the flat rocks below a small steep path well hidden by the maquis. The rocks are drawn by the waves. We are alone in the world, with this delicious impression of having explored a place that only a few initiates know. Many thanks to Martine for sharing this gem.
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In Meria, we take the side road towards the Morsiglia pass. The walk allows you to appreciate the colors and scents of the Corsican maquis. Strawberry tree, rosemary, myrtle, cistus, broom, lavender, musk, thyme, morsia, euphorbia and other violets cover a magical landscape. We pass a herd of goats before arriving at the pass where the view is simply breathtaking .
Photo break in front of Notre Dame des Grâces, a magnificent abandoned chapel, before heading back down to the other side of the Cape.
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Scalo Navy
At sunset, we meet in Pino in the Scalo marina at the “U Paradu” refreshment bar. Louisette, 88 years old, has been running this place for over forty years. She is an emblematic figure of the village, known for her assertive personality and her kindness, but also for her bagnat breads reputed to be the best in Corsica. In the summer, tourists come to anchor to come and taste its sandwiches. The atmosphere is joyful and friendly, the view breathtaking.
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Nonza Black Beach

Impossible to miss Nonza, a perched village and its immense black sand beach, located below (500 steps separate them). Nonza beach is a curiosity whose exoticism rivals that of the black beaches of the island of Saint-Vincent, a mecca for ultra-luxury yachting in the heart of the Caribbean . We couldn't resist the joy of writing Apnea using white pebbles then climbing to the top of the cliff to contemplate our work :)

Nonza Beach Corsica

At the foot of the church of Santa Giulia, we had lunch at the Café de la Tour. The Corsican charcuterie and cheese platters are delicious. Don't leave without having robbed the stock of pear and timut pepper jam made by the owner (I jealously guard my last jar because I know that if I open it, it won't last 2 hours).

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After an obligatory stop in Ersa, at the Mattei mill, emblem of the famous brand of cooked wine nestled at an altitude of some 400 meters, we continue the escapade towards Centuri. More touristy than its neighbors, the small bay, which has 217 inhabitants all year round, seduces with its colorful houses, its picturesque port and its local specialty: lobster, offered from April to September in all the city's restaurants. Special mention to the Vieux Moulin, a family establishment since 1961, awarded a Michelin plate for the freshness and quality of its products.
As I write this article, nostalgia takes hold of me and I'm dying to go back there very quickly.
Getting There
  • Arrival in Bastia by boat or plane
  • Taxi Martine Saladini Tel. 06 20 73 52 09. In love with Cap Corse, Martine will know how to help you discover it in the most beautiful way.
  • Corse Moto Location , Port Toga, 20200 Bastia. Such . 06 09 89 25 08. To tour Cap Corse by motorbike.
Where to stay
  • Convent of Pozzo , route du Couvent, 20222 Brando. Such. 04 95 60 39 11. Guest house in a former 15th century convent. If you like air-conditioned rooms, king-size beds and 24-hour service, you'd better move on. This place is atypical and deserves it.
  • Castel Brando , 20222 Brando. Such. 04 95 30 10 30. 1850s mansion with elegant rooms and attentive service.
  • Hotel Misincu , Lieu-dit, 20228 Cagnano. Such. : 04 95 35 21 21. Well known to the jet set in the 1970s, this legendary address (formerly called Le Caribou) was frequented by Alain Delon, Romy Schneider and Serge Gainsbourg. You will find our swimsuits and beachwear pieces there this summer :)
  • Palazzu Nicrosi , Lieudit Vignale, 20247 Rogliano. American house, in the heart of an authentic and preserved environment. Owned by the same family since 1877, Paul and Aline Saladini have created a charming residence with five rooms and suites in this intimate place steeped in history.
  • Restaurant Le Pirate , Le port, 2022 Erbalunga. Such. : 04 95 33 24 20. Gastronomic restaurant suspended above the small port, to savor seafood with the postcard landscape
  • U Paradu , 20228 Pino. The best bagnat breads in Corsica at sunset.
  • La Sassa , 20217 Nonza. Such. 04 95 38 55 26. Extraordinary spot, at the foot of the Paoline Tower, with breathtaking views of the sea which offers cocktails, Mediterranean dishes and live concerts. It is not uncommon to come across Mathieu Chedid who is one of the regulars.
  • Café de la Tour , place de la Fontaine 20217 Nonza. Such. 04 20 04 25 89. At the foot of the Santa Giulia church, refreshment stop and tasting of delicious Corsican charcuterie and cheese platters.
  • The Old Mill , 20238 Centuri. Such. 04 95 35 60 15. The address to enjoy a good dish of lobster pasta. 


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