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We are Ocean Lovers

Apnea was born from a passion, that of the oceans and the seabed.

Our dream: to shape a universe whose history gives pride of place to the underwater world, like Jacques Mayol and Enzo Maiorca, legendary freedivers who never cease to inspire us.

An idea which, over the course of our expeditions, has evolved into a deep desire: that of transcribing the magnificence of the oceans through swimwear and beachwear pieces for men.

This is how in May 2017, after several months of intense research, three excursions to the north of Portugal, multiple exchanges with artisans with know-how and inexhaustible enthusiasm, Apnée was born.


Our mission: to create beautiful clothes that last over time, but above all are environmentally friendly.

But how can we reduce our environmental impact?

The idea was born to create 100% recycled swimsuits from plastic bottles collected in the Mediterranean Sea and on beaches. In this way, we turn waste into a resource.

Ecology and the preservation of the Big Blue are today at the heart of our concerns, and guide our daily creative approach to offer you season after season new committed and responsible pieces.

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Our obsession: the impeccable quality of our clothes and attention to detail. More than a know-how, Apnée is a state of mind.

Our products are designed in France and shaped in the North of Portugal in a region recognized for its expertise and know-how.

At Apnée, nothing is left to chance, always with the ambition to go further in terms of quality, comfort and elegance.

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Apnée is the promise of timeless clothing, collections punctuated by sunny stopovers, for Ocean Lovers in search of great thrills.

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