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Coral Guardian

coral guardian: coral protection

Wishing to go even further in our approach, we have chosen to support the fight of Coral Guardian which works for the preservation, restoration and enhancement of coral ecosystems in Indonesia and the Mediterranean.

Developing an unprecedented virtuous post-consumption chain going from fishermen to consumers, the Hispanic company has thus succeeded in engaging all players in the textile sector through an eco-responsible collaborative platform. Acting as a catalyst, this ingredient brand, carrying emotions and commitments, accompanies and supports NGOs, partner fishermen, local communities and industries, towards healthier and re-evaluated marine life, inspiring for consumers.

In 2012, Martin Colognoli decided to co-found Coral Guardian with the “Adopt a Coral” program, after realizing the harmful impact on the corals of the tropical fish farm in which he worked.

Scientists estimate that coral reefs host more than 25% of marine species. These ecosystems are threatened by human activity, including overfishing, pollution and coastal development. Without action to protect them, corals could disappear by 2050.

After a few years of research and development to find how to restore and preserve these corals, Coral Guardian is launching its first “participatory conservation” project, involving local populations directly.

In 2019, the association launched the Blue Centers, which allow other structures to develop thanks to their expertise. A year later, Coral Guardian set up the first participatory conservation program in the Mediterranean.

Since then, the association has continued to grow and develop. Here are some figures on Coral Guardian:

- More than 40,000 corals transplanted in Indonesia

- 30.2 times more fish in 4 years in Indonesia

- 1.2 HA of marine protected area created in Indonesia

- 30 local jobs created in Indonesia

- 576 kg of waste recovered in the Mediterranean

- 419 corals transplanted in the Mediterranean

- More than 2,500,000 people raised awareness around the world

Support Coral Guardian by making a donation when paying for your order, or on their site by adopting a coral , and thus contribute to the preservation and restoration of biodiversity.