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SEAQUAL™ was born from an observation: each year, 12 million tons of rubbish end up in the sea, 80% of which will sink into the depths. To counter this tragic reality, in 2016 the Spanish brand Seaqual 4U took a new step in the preservation of the seabed by creating a polyester fiber made from plastic waste collected in the Mediterranean Sea and on beaches.

Developing an unprecedented virtuous post-consumer chain from fishermen to consumers, the Hispanic company has thus succeeded in involving all the players in the textile sector through an eco-responsible collaborative platform. Acting as a catalyst, this ingredient brand, conveying emotions and commitments, accompanies and supports NGOs, partner fishermen, local communities and industries, towards a healthier and reassessed marine life, inspiring for consumers.

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A possible revolution thanks in particular to the work of 400 partner fishing boats that scour the Mediterranean, picking up as much rubbish as possible, while on the beaches, volunteer collection initiatives are multiplying.


Once collected, the waste is then sorted, processed and then spun into a premium quality polyester fiber offering the same properties as a fiber made from virgin polyester fiber…. Except that, in addition to depolluting, SEAQUAL™'s "Upcycled Marine Plastic" fiber saves up to 40% water and 50% energy, and this with a reduced carbon footprint of 60%.


A fiber that makes it possible to create fabrics for the world of fashion, sports, lingerie, swimwear, but also for furnishing items or electronics. Being able to be woven as well as worked on knitting machines, SEAQUAL™ yarns are only distributed by two licensed Spanish spinners: Antex, for continuous yarns, and Vich-Gerona Textil for discontinuous yarns.

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Available in a wide variety of sizes and finishes, SEAQUAL™ fiber can be used 100% ecru or yarn dyed, or blended with natural fibers such as organic cotton, Tencel, viscose, wool, linen ... diversity that has allowed us to craft the perfect composition to develop our new SEAQUAL™ certified fabric, now used to design all of our swimwear as well as our parka .

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