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Article: Our eco-responsible destinations to escape winter

Nos destinations éco-responsables pour fuir l’hiver

Our eco-responsible destinations to escape winter

Apnea was born from the love of the seabed. Lose control, let yourself be lulled by the sound of the waves. A certain idea of ​​elegance to the rhythm of stopovers and trips.
Our initial ambition is to create the eco-responsible swimsuit of your dreams that will accompany you on all your wanderings.
Want some sun this winter? We reveal some of our favorite destinations to wear swim shorts and bikinis again.
Eco-friendly swimwear made in Europe

Responsible tourism, a new vision of travel

In search of ethics, solidarity and authenticity, the new players in tourism are reinventing our dreams elsewhere for our greatest pleasure.

Of dreams and meaning

The tourism industry emits 3.5 billion tonnes of CO2 each year, or 8% of global emissions. Faced with these figures we notice that today's travelers are increasingly concerned about the impact of their travel on the environment. In fact, 71% of tourists want to travel more responsibly . Just like, 65% of French consumers , according to a recent IPSOS survey, consider brands' commitment to sustainable development as a key criterion when purchasing clothing .
How to combine luxury and respect for the environment? How can we continue to travel while respecting the planet?

Less but better

Since confinement, new travel agencies have emerged such as Explora Project created by Stanislas Gruau, which offers expeditions lasting two to fifteen days with autonomy in energy and food, and human or animal propulsion. The former trader and long-distance runner thus intends to carry the vision of tourism with a positive impact for man and his environment. Travel less, but better , lighter and with your eyes wide open.
These values ​​totally resonate with Apnée, which defends distinctive, responsible, sustainable and humane fashion .

The plane differently

So traveling responsibly means banning the plane? “It’s an idea that makes sense of course, but perhaps a little too drastic. At Apnée, we prefer to raise awareness rather than make people feel guilty, and to highlight positive initiatives . Some airlines, since the Covid crisis, have started to accelerate their energy transition. Their objective: to reduce CO2 emissions, per passenger kilometer, and to use more sustainable alternative fuels.

Six Senses, the benchmark for eco-responsible luxury hotels

There is no better designer than nature and we have a duty to respect it. But who said sustainable couldn't rhyme with beautiful? Or that traveling couldn't be useful?
Just as Apnée is a pioneer in the ethical swimsuit segment , the Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas hotel group, with which we have been collaborating since 2018, is a benchmark in responsible luxury hospitality , committing to all of its establishments to establish a sustainable development policy .
Six Senses Ibiza view

Free yourself from plastic

To preserve our oceans, at Apnée, we started by reinventing our products. Because there are alternatives to plastic pollution, we believe you shouldn't have to choose between know-how and ethics. An observation which pushed us to resort to the use of 100% recycled polyester fiber for the manufacture of our men's swimming shorts , an eco-responsible material thanks to which we turn waste into a resource .
Recycled swimsuit
At Six Senses, the obsession is to eliminate unnecessary plastic , starting with bottling their own water, or eliminating single-use disposable plastics.
The end of plastic is only the beginning of the story.

Protecting the community and local know-how

Recruit and source locally , and leave a legacy through education, sanitation and health programs for future generations. At Six Senses, construction practices respect the indigenous designs of local architects and artisans. The food comes from local farmers and fishermen.
This approach literally seduced us at Apnée, we who place people and know-how at the heart of our concerns , and favor short supply and production circuits exclusively in Europe.

Thank the planet

All Six Senses properties feature an organic garden to enrich the land through composting and building healthy soil. The gardens feature local, non-invasive plant varieties, many of which are foundational ingredients for their restaurant and spa treatment products, as well as in the natural cleaning products they create themselves in their Earth Labs.
Eco-friendly vegetable garden
Protecting the planet is the very essence of Apnée’s commitment . At our level, we are committed to the protection of the oceans and seabed with two French associations : Coral Guardian , which aims to protect coral ecosystems by involving local populations, and Wings of the Ocean , which fights against plastic pollution with the aim of preserving living things.

The protection of coral reefs at the heart of our concerns

Fascinated by the magnificence of the seabed

An inexhaustible source of inspiration for our prints, Apnée has always been keen to protect them, which is why we have supported Coral Guardian since 2022 . The French association, founded in 2012, aims to protect coral ecosystems by involving local populations . They work to protect corals from the multiple risks that threaten them, through a triple approach: conservation, awareness, science.
Threatened corals

Restoring coral ecosystems is not an end but a means

It allows the involvement of local populations and stakeholders by virtue of a better understanding of the functioning of their natural environment in order to better protect it. By becoming aware of the importance of coral ecosystems , local populations become the primary actors in their protection. 
The areas of action are currently located in Indonesia and Spain, and will expand to other countries very soon. 53,969 corals were transplanted in 7 years, 10,623,150 people sensitized , 30.2 times more fish observed in these areas in 4 years
Coral reefs preservation
In conclusion, you will have understood, we are not here to prohibit you or make you feel guilty. We prefer to raise awareness and highlight positive initiatives . Apnea was born from a love of oceans and travel . We firmly believe that it is possible to treat yourself with beautiful products and great trips without damaging the planet. Everyone, in their own small way, can participate in climate change by traveling and buying less, but better, by supporting associations that work to protect the oceans and seabed.
Let's turn Black Friday into Blue Friday . Let's take advantage of this day to support reasoned projects. At Apnée, we give you the opportunity to support the association of your choice with a donation when validating your basket.
Join the community of ocean lovers !

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