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Article: Meeting with Anne-Sophie, holistic therapist


Meeting with Anne-Sophie, holistic therapist

To prepare your summer body and be ready to put on your beautiful eco-designed swimsuits , we are pleased to introduce Anne-Sophie, holistic therapist, specialist in maderotherapy techniques.

Prepare your summer with Apnea

Anne-Sophie will be present exclusively on Tuesday June 21, 2022 at the Marais boutique to show you this radical technique against cellulite for free.

Who are you? What is your background?

My name is Anne-Sophie. After 20 years spent in fashion as a communications and public relations director, I decided to leave this world to make way for my new balance and find meaning and harmony in my life . I turned to well-being, a personal quest which later revealed itself as a vocation.


Anne Sophie, maderotherapist

Holistic care

Why did you choose to dedicate yourself to Holistic Care?

After a long professional career rich in human contacts, I became aware of the power of well-being : bringing empathy to others by offering different treatments based on holistic techniques with the aim of harmonizing body and mind:

-Naturopathy : to rebalance vitality and health.

-Facial massages : provide tailor-made facial treatments, providing relaxation and an anti-aging effect.

-Maderotherapy : a massage technique using wooden tools aimed at draining, sculpting the silhouette and acting in depth on all forms of cellulite.

Body care workshop

Can you tell us more about how maderotherapy works?

A series of repetitive movements are performed using the tools and applying targeted pressure, with the aim of intensifying the breakdown of fat cells so that they can be eliminated naturally through the lymphatic system.

We break up the fatty deposits, we smooth them and they are absorbed in order to restore tone to the skin while draining and stimulating microcirculation.

This anti-cellulite massage helps redefine the contours of the body , tones and firms the skin while activating the production of elastin and collagen.

How long can it take to observe the first effects of maderotherapy on body remodeling?

After one session, you will already be able to see an improvement in the quality of your skin.
You will also feel your legs lighter because we are working on the lymphatic system as a whole and thus relaunching the venal system.

The ideal is to implement a treatment varying between 5 and 10 sessions .
Is it painful?

Maderotherapy can be slightly painful when working on established and encrusted cellulite because it is dislodged and the fatty deposits are broken up to smooth them.

What is the place of eco-responsibility in your life / your job?

By retraining in my new profession as a therapist, I decided to move to the ocean.
I wanted, for my son as well as for myself, to be more in contact with nature, and therefore to be more sensitive to it and feel more concerned by ecology .
This is a first step in learning eco-responsibility.

Your little easy gesture for the planet?

Eliminate plastic and packaging as much as possible and therefore consume in bulk as much as I can.

What is your favorite Apnea wardrobe piece?

Definitely the bob! Upcycled from old men's swimsuits , it was made in a small Parisian workshop.
And of course I love the new Women’s collection ! In the store I fell for the pants which are perfect for summer with a khaki men's linen shirt . And I'm thinking of treating myself soon to the one-piece with its sublime neckline and very graphic print.
Anne Sophie wearing an upcycled bob

How can we book a treatment with you?

I will be present at the Pop-Up Apnée on Tuesday June 21, 2022 (15 rue Debelleyme, in the Marais, in Paris) for free 15-minute discovery sessions.

Simply book with the brand by writing to

You can also send me a short DM on my Instagram account: @asm_holistic
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