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Our commitment is to offer you beautiful clothes that will last over time and respect the oceans.


Save 20%Swim shorts - Blue AlguesMaillot imprimé algues bleu
Swim shorts - Blue Algues Sale price108.00 € Regular price135.00 €
Save 20%Swim shorts - Green AlguesMaillot imprimé algues vert et gris
Swim shorts - Green Algues Sale price108.00 € Regular price135.00 €
Swimshorts - Yellow SalentoMaillot imprimé salento jaune
Swimshorts - Yellow Salento Sale price135.00 €
Save 20%Swim shorts - Turquoise DériveMaillot imprimé Dérive bleu turquoise
Swim shorts - Turquoise Dérive Sale price108.00 € Regular price135.00 €
Save 20%Maillot imprimé glassy vert d'eauMaillot imprimé glassy vert d'eau
Swimming shorts - Glassy green Sale price108.00 € Regular price135.00 €
Swim shorts - Blue ZelligeZellige_bleu
Swim shorts - Blue Zellige Sale price135.00 €
White organic cotton T-shirtTshirt_ecru
White organic cotton T-shirt Sale price60.00 €
Swim shorts - Oursins Green Sale price135.00 €
Save 20%Maillot imprimé Glassy bleuMaillot imprimé Glassy bleu
Swim shorts - Glassy blue Sale price108.00 € Regular price135.00 €
Swim shorts - Navy Blue UniSwim shorts - Navy Blue Uni
Swim shorts - Navy Blue Uni Sale price115.00 €
Maillot imprimé Salento bleu foncé Maillot imprimé Salento bleu foncé
Swimshorts - Blue Salento Sale price135.00 €
Swimshorts - Blue Mosaiques Sale price135.00 €
Maillots de bain Short de bain - Ecume - Apnée`Maillots de bain Short de bain - Ecume - Apnée
Swim shorts - Ecume Sale price135.00 €
Green linen tshirtT-shirt_lin_vert_balsam
Green linen tshirt Sale price90.00 €
Save 20%Recifs_jauneRecifs_jaune
Swim shorts - Récifs Yellow Sale price108.00 € Regular price135.00 €
Chemise en lin homme écruChemise en lin homme écru
Ecru linen shirt Sale price155.00 €
Bleu marineBleu marine
100% recycled blue backpack Sale price120.00 €
Swim shorts - Blue Coraux Sale price135.00 €
Swim shorts - Blue AbyssesAbysses_bleu
Swim shorts - Blue Abysses Sale price135.00 €
Save 33%Tshirt_bleu_grisTshirt_bleu_gris
Blue Grey organic cotton T-shirt Sale price40.00 € Regular price60.00 €
Save 33%Tshirt_terraTshirt_terra
Terra organic cotton t-shirt Sale price40.00 € Regular price60.00 €
Cavoli_bleucanard  Modifier le texte alternatifCavoli_bleucanard
Swim shorts - Cavoli Duck blue Sale price135.00 €
Ecru linen pants Sale price185.00 €
Save 31%Chemise impriméeChemise imprimée - Apnée
Parasolé printed shirt Sale price90.00 € Regular price130.00 €
Ecru linen jacketVESTELINECRU
Ecru linen jacket Sale price215.00 €
Ecru linen t-shirtT-shirt_lin_ecru
Ecru linen t-shirt Sale price90.00 €
Save 22%Polo_vertPolo_vert
Green cotton pique polo shirt Sale price70.00 € Regular price90.00 €
Save 45%Bleu marineBleu marine
Blue sweatshirt Sale price60.00 € Regular price110.00 €
Save 33%light green organic cotton T-shirtTshirt_vertclair
light green organic cotton T-shirt Sale price40.00 € Regular price60.00 €
Save 50%Bleu marineBleu marine
Blue cotton jersey pants Sale price65.00 € Regular price130.00 €
Swim shorts - Red Uni Sale price115.00 €
Pantalon lin homme bleu marinePantalon lin homme bleu marine
Blue Linen pants Sale price185.00 €
Swim shorts - Khaki UniSwim shorts - Khaki Uni
Swim shorts - Khaki Uni Sale price115.00 €
Swim shorts - Black Enzo Sale price145.00 €
Blue upcycled bob Sale price55.00 €
ENZO_MOS_POURPREMaillots de bain Short de bain - Mosaiques Enzo - Apnée
Swim shorts - Mosaiques Enzo Sale price150.00 €
T-shirt_lin_bleu hommeT-shirt_lin_bleu
Blue linen tshirt Sale price90.00 €
Swim shorts - Uni Duck blueUni_canard
Swim shorts - Uni Duck blue Sale price115.00 €
Navy blue linen Bermuda shortsBermuda lin homme bleu marine
Navy blue linen Bermuda shorts Sale price185.00 €
Bermuda lin homme bleu caraibesBermuda lin homme bleu caraibes
Save 33%Tshirt_rouilleTshirt_rouille
Rustic organic cotton T-shirt Sale price40.00 € Regular price60.00 €
Short_Eponge_Bleu_marineBleu marine
Navy blue terrycloth shorts Sale price125.00 €
Save 20%Swim shorts - Brick AlguesMaillot imprimé Algues brique
Swim shorts - Brick Algues Sale price108.00 € Regular price135.00 €
Caribbean blue linen shirtChemise_caraibes
Caribbean blue linen shirt Sale price155.00 €
Chemise lin homme bleu pétroleChemise lin homme bleu pétrole
Blue oil linen shirt Sale price155.00 €
Jade linen shirt Sale price155.00 €
Khaki linen shirt Sale price155.00 €
Matton linen shirtChemise_mattone
Matton linen shirt Sale price155.00 €

The man

The story of Apnée began in 2017, with the firm conviction that the world of men's swimwear must be modernized. This is how the first collection of men's swim shorts 100% recycled from plastic waste collected in the Mediterranean Sea was launched.

Since then, we have developed the offer while respecting our identity and our deep values: graphic prints , a timeless but recognizable style, the choice of high quality fabrics that respect the environment, reasoned production in Europe in workshops with recognized know-how , a commitment to transparency towards our customers, support for associations working to protect the oceans.

Discover our Beachwear collection , beautiful eco-designed pieces to create your summer looks: linen shirts and pants, organic cotton t-shirts , cotton pique and terry polo shirts. And because the love of the oceans does not stop at the end of summer, we have designed Outerwear pieces to face winter. The centerpiece is the 100% recycled parka which is equivalent to 25 recycled plastic bottles. Perfect for salty walks by the sea , the Jack sweater in merino wool or the hoodie slipped underneath to keep you warmer. Also discover the bi-material jacket in recycled polyester and organic cotton, for an elegant and comfortable sportswear look. At Apnée we believe in ethical, sustainable and desirable fashion .