plastique ocean écoresponsable
for the ocean

8 million tons of waste
are poured into the oceans every year

At the origin of Apnée, a passion for the oceans and a desire to illustrate our unique relationship with the seabed. At the heart of the brand, values ​​of transparency and innovation. And today, the will to go further.

The alarming UN report which predicts that in 2050, the ocean will contain more plastic than fish, is pushing us to revise our approach by reinventing our products. By placing ourselves as agents of change, we hope to ultimately modify our social and environmental impact in the long term.

plastique recyclé plage mer déchets


Turn waste into a resource

To preserve our oceans, we started by reinventing our products.

Our swimsuits are designed according to three criteria: quality, durability and respect for the environment. Because there are alternatives to plastic pollution, we believe you shouldn't have to choose between craftsmanship and ethics. An observation that prompted us to resort to the use of 100% recycled polyester fiber, an eco-responsible material thanks to which we turn waste into a resource.

1 swimshort = 10 recycled plastic bottles.

1 parka = 25 recycled plastic bottles.

For this, we have partnered with SEAQUAL™ which, with a very large network of fishermen in the Mediterranean, collects plastic waste found in fishing nets and on the beaches to transform it into eco-responsible fiber. Following long-term work, and thanks to the know-how of our craftsmen in Portugal, we have succeeded in creating a line of 100% ethical and innovative men's swimwear and a 100% recycled parka.

In 2019, we launched our first eco-responsible collection: “Ocean”. Today, all of our swimsuits are 100% recycled. Since 2021, we have been offering eco-responsible beachwear pieces to complete your looks: organic cotton T-shirts, linen shirts, jackets and pants.

More info on SEAQUAL™

plastique déchets océan pêcheur
déchets plastique mer océan
soutien association coral guardian engagement


Move forward, one swim shorts at a time.

In line with our commitment to Surfrider in previous years, this year we have chosen to support Coral Guardian in their fight for the preservation of coral ecosystems.

Coral Guardian is a French association founded in 2012 working for the conservation of coral ecosystems in Indonesia and the Mediterranean Sea, involving local populations through the restoration, preservation and enhancement of corals, degraded by humans.

In order to support them in their actions, we highlight them and offer each customer the option of making a donation of the amount of their choice when paying for their order.

By joining forces in this way, we hope to gradually take part in the change and succeed in preserving the seabed.

More info on Coral Guardian

océan mer vagues


The adventure has only just begun.

Aware that these initiatives are only the beginnings of a long process, we are already thinking about the “after” move. Fashion being the second most polluting industry in the world, it seems essential to us to seek solutions to limit our impact, and thus build a future under the prism of ecology.

If these first commitments have already given us some ideas for the future, such as designing all of our jerseys in recycled fiber today or organizing events to raise awareness of the environment, we are also listening to your ideas. or projects that we are already looking forward to supporting.

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